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 Understanding the basics is very important. In school we work on the difference between complete and fragment sentences. It is important to write complete sentences with proper grammar and punctuation. Additionally, we must be able to compile these sentences into good solid paragraphs. When we have complete paragraphs we must be able to compile these solid paragraphs into comprehensible, well written essays. Below are tips to help you develop your writing skills. 

 Understanding what a question is asking (especially for an extended answer) can be difficult. Many students miss important words and phrases in the question. I have set up a bit of paperwork to accompany a video from Click on the link to download and print the paperwork I've made to accompany the video--> down a question PPT WEBS.pdf

 Click on this link to connect to the website learnzillion and watch a short video on how to breakdown questions:

      Understanding what is being asked in the task can be difficult. Use this link to download a document that has the definitions to the commonly used prompts:

Desktop Prompt descriptions.docx

Knowing how to make complete sentences, compound sentences, and complex sentences is required for proper English grammar. View this short video about sentences.

Knowing when to use a comma is also very important when we write. View this short video on comma basics.

Using appositives is an easy and great way to be descriptive when you're writing:

Below are two links to download that help explain how to write a paragraph and an essay. Knowing specific information like the names, dates, and effects of specific events and people's actions are of the utmost importance in writing for history. There is no quick and easy process of knowing information. Students must study to learn about people, places, and events. However, just as important, is knowing how to express that information in writing. The Common Core Curriculumn requires all students to know how to express their knowledge and views in writing.

To learn a bit about topic sentences and how to construct a paragraph for expository writing use these files:

 To learn the basics about writing an essay download this file:

To learn more about how to write a DBQ essay download this file:

To learn more about argumentative essay writing:

Argumentative Essay Writing help:

When going to the websites below, only view the pages that clearly note information on Argumentative Essay. Do not get pulled into many different pages as (1) I cannot vouch for their validity, (2) too much information can cause as much confusion as having no information. 






EDITING CAN BE DIFFICULT. Below is a video from Teacher Tube that will teach you how to get to an editing site, and how to use the site. After you edit a line or two, re-read it to see what should have been written to change your awareness on ELA principles.

This source helps define each paragraph of an argumentative essay: